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Writing Jobs

Writing jobs cover a huge range of options, but like any other job, they require plenty of experience and potentially education. For some, its the all about hard-hitting journalism and potentially writing the next Pulitzer Prize-winning story, whereas for others, it's about getting opinions across in a column or a blog. Whichever one you choose, there are jobs at local, national and even international levels that may be suited for you.

Exploring Writing Jobs

Starting out, you will need to develop a portfolio of your work. If you don't have a lot of experience, you can create writing samples that showcase your talents. Your portfolio is your resume. Look for writing jobs that allow you to pursue the writing specialty or niche you're most interested in. If you'd stand a better chance of securing a job in your particular field of interest with a degree, pursue it. However, if you're not sure of the type of writing you'd like to pursue it's a good idea to explore the diverse types of writing careers available.


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Diverse Writing Careers

There are two major types of employment for writers: freelance writers and staff writers. The former may have multiple clients and is an independent contractor, whereas the latter typically writes for a single company and is formally employed.

Freelance writing can include

different types of writing. You can write for publications, speeches, or even write speeches. However, most freelance writers make less than $0.25 a word.

Staff writers often have a much more focused career path and salary range. If the position requires formal education, most employers seek a degree in communications, English, or journalism, although other degrees may be acceptable. The annual median income for scientific and technical writers is $63,520. Grant and civic writers earn an annual median income of $63,490 while writers who work in the performing arts and spectator sports have an annual median income of $62,590. Information technology writers earn an annual median income of $59,580. The salaries and types of jobs vary greatly.

As an aspiring writer, you have a variety of different career options. Uncover your areas of interest and explore all your potential job and educational opportunities. Explore job opportunities and prepare academically if you need to.

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